23KM | Elevation 1,100m ▸ gpx

12KM | Elevation 500m ▸ gpx

6KM | Elevation 250m ▸ gpx

Races: 2020, 2021, 2022

Amazing mountain
half marathon near Tbilisi

TRAILLAB continues to transform running on our favorite trails into unforgettable adventures. After such an event enjoyed in May on Lisi trails we now move to Mtatsminda trails for Tbilisi Adventure Run in June.

Tbilisi Adventure Run is a trail race (half marathon). The route starts in Vake Park, passing Turtle Lake and beautiful trails reaches Udzo mountain (1,400 m) and passing Turtle Lake once again descends back to Vake Park. The route will be marked, participants will have BIB numbers, water and snacks.

Tbilisi Adventure Run 2021 result

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