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Race years: 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024

Amazing trail
half marathon, trail sprint and trail fun near Tbilisi, Georgia

TRAILLAB continues to transform running on our favorite trails into unforgettable adventures. After Lisi Trail Festival enjoyed in May we now move to Mtatsminda trails for Tbilisi Adventure Run in June.

Tbilisi Adventure Run is a trail race with three different distances for everyone – 6km trail fun, 12km trail sprint and 23km trail.

The route of all the distances starts and finishes near Vake Park, passing Turtle Lake and beautiful trails reach Udzo mountain (1,400 m) and passing Turtle Lake once again descends back to Vake Park area. The route will be marked, participants will have BIB numbers, water and snacks.

Tbilisi Adventure Run 2022 result

Our bandana

We have introduced TRAILLAB’s Tbilisi Trail Series bandana with original design in blue/yellow and green/yellow colors. Bandanas were available for purchase together with the race ticket and were collected together with the race started pack.

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The qualifier race

Race rules and requirements

Tbilisi Adventure Run is a trail running event combining multiple races along the mountains and forests around Turtke Lake and Mtatsminda Ridge area in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Distances and cut-off times

23km – 4 hours
12km – 3 hours
6km – 3 hours

Start and finish location

The start and finish of ALL the distances of Tbilisi Adventure Run is located near the Turtle Lake turn.

Start time:

The race takes start on Sunday, 12th of June 2022 at 10:00 in the morning.

Qualifier race

Tbilisi Adventure Run 23km race is included in the UTMB® World Series Qualifiers (https://utmb.world/) and
certified by ITRA (https://itra.run/)

  • 23km – 20K qualifier, 1 ITRA points

The event is open to anyone who meet certain criteria:

– Adult (18+ y/o)

– In good physical condition

– Medical history without major health problems that will have a negative effect on the performance during the race and could lead to health complications during or after the race .

No qualifying races are necessary to register. However previous experience of similar activities is strictly recommended.

It’s participants responsibility to acknowledge race’s specialties, length and difficulty and  be physically and mentally well-prepared for the event


Only registered runners can participate in the event.

Registration is only possible online through tkt.ge/tbilisi2022

Exceptions may apply on team registrations

By registering the participant accepts all the race rules and regulation.


  • Race BIB
  • Assistance and refreshments along the route and at the finish line
  • Starter’s pack
  • Unique finisher’s medal
  • Free photos


Registration closes at 18:00 on June 10, 2022 (Tbilisi time)

The registration fee will be refunded fully within 2 weeks if a registration is cancelled before June 1, 2022. There will not be any refunds after this date.

Cancellation of the registrations can only be made by notifying the organization by email to run@traillab.ge

Registration transfer to another person can be requested only by email (on run@traillab.ge), until June 1, 2022 Requests in any other form are not accepted

To collect race bib numbers, participants must present a valid identity document (ID card or passport or driving license) and exhibit all
the mandatory equipment. Spot checks will be carried out.

Race BIBs and purchased bandanas will be distributed at 11:00 – 17:00 on Saturday, May 11 in Vere Park


No specific equipment required during the race.

Trekking poles are permitted.

Start time

As mentioned above, all the Tbilisi Adventure Run races take place on 12-June-2022 at 10:00 in the morning.

Participants are required to be at the starting area at least 45 minutes in advance.

Bag drop
There will be a bag deposit at the starting area. Bags must clearly exhibit the sticker with a runner’s BIB number, which will be handed out at the registration desk.

Participants are advised NOT to place objects of value in their bags. Organizers accept no liability for any theft, loss or damage
to bags or their contents.

Tbilisi Adventure Run races take the following routes:

23km: https://www.strava.com/routes/2960993259930349066
12km: https://www.strava.com/routes/2960991256858765834
6km: https://www.strava.com/routes/2960992249534495242

Organizers reserve the right to change any parts of the course, places of aid stations, checkpoints or modify the time and location
of the start without prior notice due to severe weather conditions or other unexpected reasons.
Any changes will be announced to the participants before the race, or at refreshment points during the race.

Most of the route is on trekking paths and rocky ground on certain sections. Participants are strongly advised to have experience
in running on such terrain. The route will be marked with reflective bands and other means. Participants should strictly adhere to the marked race route and
avoid taking shortcuts or cutting out sections of the route.

Any departures from the official route will lead to disqualification and shall be at the sole risk of participants.

There will be checkpoints along the race routes. Passages from these points will be checked and various refreshments will be available.

The following infringements will lead to disqualification from the race:

  • Failing to pass a check point
  • Taking a major shortcut or using a vehicle.
  • Insulting or threatening staff or volunteers
  • Not obeying the decisions given by the medical personnel or organization.
  • Rejecting the mandatory equipment check by the organization (where applicable)
  • Failing to help a participant in difficulty.
  • Throwing away rubbish or harming the natural habitat.
  • The disqualified participant will not be allowed to continue the race.

All other cases not discussed above will be judged by the organizers.

Penalties or disqualification can be appealed by an email to run@traillab.ge within 24 hours from the publication of race results.

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